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In his arms was a living breathing human. Well…not a human to be exact, half human, half Time Lord and one hundred percent one of a kind. The Doctor was sitting in the TARDIS kitchen staring at the little girl just thinking. He had been a father before, he had seen his children die, he had caused his children’s deaths and yet somehow he was a father again. Vaguely he heard Rose in the background as she moved around the kitchen preparing a bottle for the baby but for once the little blonde and yellow human was not at the forefront of his mind.

How had he let this happen, the Doctor wondered. It had all started with asking twice, he supposed. Then there was her smile with her tongue sticking out from between her teeth, then there was the hand holding and more hugs. Then a kiss. Then…and now a baby girl. 

His blue eyes were staring so deeply at the baby and his mind was so deep in thought that the Doctor did not sense Rose come up behind him. She placed both her hands on his shoulder and kissed him on his check. As she pulled away she whispered into his ear, “I know what you’re thinking, Doctor. You’re gonna do great.”

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