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#Broadchurch 2: Hardy’s Heart Transplant #s2e1: Hardy expresses his fear of his own mortality through crankiness toward his heart surgeons #s2e2: Hardy survives surgery only to end up pissing off all of the physical therapists with his dourness #Ellie is forced to pick up the slack and help him through physical rehab #s2e3: All of Broadchurch gathers at the hospital exit to throw rotten fruit at Hardy when he’s released from the hospital #s2e4: Hardy still hates this town and everyone in it #Ellie guilts him into taking over the Sea Brigade troop #terrible awful no good sea outings with youngsters ensue#Broadchurch #ururugugu I am so ready for Gracepoint and Broadchurch 2: Broadchurchier y’all #I need it yesterday (via gallifreyburning)


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