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huntedwitch asked: Hello! In the fic you just posted (loving it so far) you mentioned a fanfiction charity publication. Could you please tell me more about it? Even if it's just the name? I'm doing a thesis on fanfiction and I had no idea that was a thing!

The group is publishing a book for charity called The Temporal Logbook. It is an unauthorized collection of eleven Doctor Who short stories, one for each televised Doctor excluding the War Doctor. Since this was originally conceived before the Capaldi era, it only includes the first eleven Doctors.

From their own website:

The Temporal Logbook is a new short-story collection featuring original Doctor Who fiction by new and upcoming writers. The stories will involve the first eleven television Doctors, in a series of exciting adventures across space and time. The collection will be published by Canadian publisher Pencil Tip Publishing. 100% of the proceeds from this publication will be donated to our chosen charity Positive Living Society of British Columbia (formerly BC Persons with AIDS Society) http://www.positivelivingbc.org.

Hope that helps, and good luck on the thesis!

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fic: The Disappearing Planet

Title: The Disappearing Planet

Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Rating: All ages

Summary: On their way to a festival on Arcturus, the Doctor and Rose accidentally land on a deserted planet.

A/N: This was written for submission to a fanfiction charity publication. It had to be a certain length and entirely fit within canon. Although it was a finalist unfortunately it wasn’t chosen, but I like it so I’m posting it.


The Disappearing Planet

With a gust of wind and a loud wooshing sound, a tall blue box slowly appeared in the middle of a forest, seemingly from out of nowhere. After it had fully materialized with a loud thump, a young blonde woman dressed in a pink hoodie and jeans emerged from a door in the side of the box. An older man with closely cropped hair and a prominent nose and ears followed, shutting the door behind them.

The young woman stopped short and looked around herself curiously. Fifty-foot trees towered overhead, their arching branches forming a canopy that covered the sky. Sunlight filtered through the leaves, creating a dappled pattern of light on the mossy ground underfoot.

"Doctor," the young woman said, "where are we?"

The Doctor sidestepped around her to avoid knocking her over. “No idea, Rose,” he told her. He sounded puzzled, and she glanced at him.

"Again?" Rose asked. "I thought we were aiming at some sort of huge festival on… Arturia or something."

"Arcturus," he corrected absently. He picked up a fallen leaf, crumbled it into his hand and sniffed it. After a moment, he shook his head. "Not a species I’m familiar with."

Rose’s mouth twisted into a small grin. “And here I thought you knew everything,” she teased. “Being so impressive and all.”

"Can’t know everything, Rose," he said, not rising to the bait. "And wouldn’t want to anyway. You know everything, you might as well just pack it in."

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Anonymous asked: Why was it so hard for Ten to move on after Doomsday?


Oh my dear, sweet Nonny…

Because, when you look at someone like this…


or like this…


When you look at each other like…




Or especially


When you hug like this…


And like this…


And like this…


And like this…


And like this…


When you kiss like this…


and this…


When you’ve promised…


When you’ve learned…


And that…


And when you’ve decided…


How do you get over that?




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They’re different characters, but they’ve both got to be the Doctor. It’s the same character, but it’s not. It’s a tricky one, because with Rose, at the end, you want to feel that she is left with the person that she loves, but also that she isn’t. It’s quite a subtle, ambiguous ending for Rose.

David Tennant on filming Journey’s End as both the Metacrisis and (full) Time Lord Doctor (DWM 398). 

”..are they two distinct performances? Well, slightly. There are different thought processes going on. And I’ve underlined them in different colours in the script, which is a big deal. It shows I mean business!”

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fic: The Choice

Title: The Choice

Doctor Who fanfic

Characters: Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, other characters

Pairing: Nine x Rose, Ten x Rose

Genres: Romance, Drama, Amnesia, HN AU

Rated: Adult

Summary: After GitF, the TARDIS brings the Doctor, Rose and Mickey back to Earth to solve an emergency involving the TARDIS herself. But when they see a familiar face they realize the crisis is much deeper than they thought and is one that could endanger the Doctor’s very existence.

a/n: I am posting this chapter a little earlier than I expected, but it was ready and I’m going to be busy for the next couple of weeks. I am not sure how soon the next chapter will be done, but it shouldn’t be too long.

I don’t usually do trigger warnings on chapters, but I will this time. I’m warning for a discussion of past domestic abuse. It’s not particularly graphic or severe, but the discussion is still there. There is also some adult content and swearing.

Catch up here.


Chapter Eleven

As Rose crossed the room to lock up for the evening, John noticed she was moving a little oddly. She was walking slowly, keeping her shoulders square with her body and not turning her head. When she grimaced when she locked the door, he remembered how hard she had hit the wall when Jimmy had pushed her.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I’m fine," she said. She looked over her shoulder at him, and a brief look of pain crossed her face. "I’m just a bit sore."

"Go sit down," he ordered.

"I’m fine," she insisted.

John glanced around the office. Not seeing what wanted, he went into the garage and retrieved a tall stool. He set it down right in front of her.


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