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I suffered over it for several weeks, but it basically boiled down to the fact that I’m not writing the specific genres they were looking for, if you know what I mean.

Yes, I do. And that is EXACTLY why I think they didn’t receive as many submissions from women as they were expecting, or at least not until that point. I have no idea how many they received by the end.

And I put off writing and submitting almost until the last minute. I heard about it in April but didn’t really start writing until June because I was busy with Convergence and needed to focus on that before switching to another story with other characters. The second story I submitted was only two days before the cut off date.

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Oooh, I saw that appeal; considered entering myself. Good luck to you!

Thank you! I wish you had entered myself. Although not in the same categories as me of course. ;) But seriously, they received a boatload of submissions but not many from female writers (I have a theory about that but that’s another story). At one point it was less than twenty percent. Maybe a lot less. Anyway, it would have been lovely to know someone else who had submitted something.

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rosetylahinthetardis asked: What are you trying to get published?

There was an open appeal for short stories for a for-charity short story collection. They’ll be including eleven stories, and I submitted two (which was the maximum). I’ll post more on it once I hear either way, and if they are not accepted, I’ll post the stories here.

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rosetylahinthetardis asked: Nice job beating that writer's block!! The new chapter is awesome, I'm so happy that someone is finally telling the Doctor off! :'DD Also human Nine and Rose flirting OMGGGG did you giggle and swoon when you wrote it?? :D

Thanks! And I absolutely loved doing Mickey’s argument with the Doctor. It really was a lot of fun.

And as far as human!Nine and Rose flirting… I actually hadn’t intended that to be in the scene, but the characters had other ideas. ;)

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Fingers crossed. Both pieces are lovely and they would be lucky to publish them.

Thank you so much, sweetie. They said two weeks ago they’d be sending out rejection letters later that week, and then they’d be down to 33 stories, 3 for each of the 11 categories, and they’d pick one from each of those. That means the rejection letters should have gone out by email by the end of last week. If it really happened (which is not necessarily the case if they got delayed or something), then that would mean that each of my stories is in the top three in its category. Exciting and nerve wracking both, and I’m hopeful and incredibly impatient at this point.

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